Response To Making Decisions


Everyday of our lives, we are making decisions. Some are simple. Wake up, and get ready for work or school; what clothes to wear; what to eat that day.

Some decisions, however, are not so simple. Some decisions may have life long consequences. If the decision we make is not right, the results can be devastating. On the other hand, if the correct decision is reached, we may have life long effects that result in great blessing to us, and those that are close to us

Some major decisions; jobs, friends, attitude, guidance (both giving and receiving), lifestyles, love, money, sex, temptation, can be difficult if not dealt with in advance. The principles and ethics that we use when we make decisions in these circumstances can and should be made ahead of time. When we are forced to make a quick decision, possibly in front of friends or family, or with peer pressure, if we don't already know what our response should be, most often we will react. Too many times that reaction will be one that we think the others around us will want. We don't want to appear un-cool, a nerd, or unintelligent. In our need to be accepted, to achieve a sense of belonging, and to do what we think will please others, we may make unwise decisions.

It is important to decide how to respond to situations before they arrive. When you are at a party and someone offers you alcohol, drugs, etc. if you have a response ready, already programmed in your mind, there will not be pressure to react, to have to think about how to handle a situation. The decision was made ahead of time. You will have an answer ready, and also be able to defend your position.

Some decisions will require thought, and helpful advice from family or counsel. Decisions about education, jobs, living environment, raising a family should not be made instantly.

Careful thought, and weighing of advantages to disadvantages need to be made. Ask some questions:

  1. Is the choice that you are about to make Godly? Is it inline with the Bible?
  2. How does it affect those around you? Will I become a blessing to others, or a burden on others?
  3. Am I fitting into God's will?
  4. Is it provincial? Will a door open, or do you need to break it down. He will open the door through which He wants us to pass.
  5. Is it right?

Study Philipians 2. Take to heart what it says, and see if it can help in decision making.

Sometimes we can find ourselves in situation that we just want to pick up and run from. If we can't get along with a boss or coworker, or if our spouse , or children become more than we think we can handle, we may just want to pick up and leave, without a trace.

Look at the 5 previous points. Study those before you rush off making, what may become a foolish decision. Look in the Bible, and pray for guidance. Maybe God might want you to move on, in one way or another, or perhaps, He has a greater plan for you

If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. But when you ask him, be sure that your faith is in God alone. James 1:5


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