How To Respond To Rebellion

From the time God created man, there has been some type of rebellion going on. When Adam and Eve were in the Garden, Adam was told by God, not to eat from the tree of Good and Evil. But, when Eve was tempted by Satan, and Eve approached Adam with a piece of fruit, they both ate it, despite what God had told them. God had given them free-will, and the right to make a choice, and they chose to do the thing that was against God's will. They rebelled against God's command.

People want to do their own thing, in their own time, often without any regard to those around them. At times, this may be construed as a positive thing if the person instigating the rebellion thinks that they are doing the right thing. The mother that leaves her children at home so she can work; a husband and father that would rather work 80 hours a week than find time for his family; a son or daughter that doesn't want to go to collage because they would rather have a job. While those around these people may feel a type of betrayal, the person doing the act may feel that they really are doing the right thing.

There is another type of rebellion. The mean spirited, "I don't care" kind of rebellion parents often face from their children. This is the kind of rebellion that rears it's head when it's time to do assigned chores, when it's time to meet a curfew, when it's time to decide to what is right or what is wrong.

When teenagers begin to long for their independence, they must realize, somehow, that with independence comes responsibility. To often, they behave like James Dean in the 1950's movie classic, "Rebel Without A Cause". They act like they are mad at the world, and if you give them rules, they break them just in spite.

There is nothing wrong with growing up, and reaching independence, but you have to realize that you are going to receive greater responsibilities. When you are out in public, there are laws you have to obey, and there are certain standards of behavior that are going to be expected. Especially, if you consider yourself to be a follower of Christ, you will be scrutinized even more closely. When worldly people look at you and think, "That Christian person doesn't behave any better than anybody else." The unfortunate thing about this is that the person watching you, and judging your behavior, is more concerned with others behavior than there own.

Rebellion often times is just an excuse or a means from facing responsibility. We're supposed to be responsible not only for the things that we do, but also for the things that we should do, but don't.

In Matthew 25:14-30 Jesus tells us the story of a man who was going away. He gave his servants money to invest while he is gone. He gave $5000 to one, $2000 to another, and $1000 to the last. The servant with $5000 began to buy and sell, and made another $5000.

The servant given $2000 went to work and earned another $2000. However, the servant with $1000 dug a hole in the ground and kept it there for safe keeping.

When the man returned from his trip he called together his servants to see how they had done with the money they were given. Of course the master was pleased with the servants that had invested the $5000, and the $2000, for they had made good use of what was given them. The master gave these men further responsibility, and this was their blessing. However the man with $1000, was afraid, and lacking faith. When the master discovered that this man wouldn't even put the money in the bank, where it would at least earn interest, the master replied, " You wicked man, you lazy slave". and turned him out to the street.

While the servant that was given $1000, was not wise in his investment decision, and seemingly did not intend to cause harm, his act may have been construed as a rebellious act, based on what he did not do. He did not use the thing that was given to him to generate an increase. Instead, he tried to hide that which was given to him, to keep it for his own good.

The Lord gives us all blessings, and abilities. It is our responsibility to use these gifts, and abilities to help others, and to do the Lords work. For in this chapter of Matthew, we are also told by Jesus, that those who help feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, shelter the homeless, when we are doing these things, we are bringing blessing upon the Lord. God created man, and when man assists, and comforts another, we are helping the Lord.

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